Our knowledgeable staff and our facilities allow us to deal with a variety of medical conditions your pet may experience.

To ensure a proper diagnosis, we often need to examine your pet (called a medical assessment) by looking at your pet’s eyes, ears, and skin and checking their cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, and skeletal systems for any abnormalities. We will perform blood and/or urine tests as necessary to check your pet’s kidneys, liver, pancreas, and endocrine system, including the thyroid and adrenal glands. Based on your pet’s condition, we may recommend further diagnostic tests, such as radiography (x-rays), endoscopy (internal scoping), ultrasound, or biopsy.

We hope we do not have to see you or your pet for an emergency, but if we do we are equipped to handle the situation. In some cases, your pet may require hospitalization and further diagnostic tests. We provide a safe, comfortable environment and quality nursing care for your pet should hospitalization become necessary.