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Animal Rescues

  • The Brandon Humane Society has been in operation in Brandon since 1946. Animals are well cared for at the shelter as they await adoption. If kennels are full, volunteers often foster animals. They have in their mandate not only to care for unwanted companion animals but to educate the public on companion animal needs.
  • Strays that Can’t Pay is a animal rescue organization that is completely run by volunteers which began in 2012 in Elkhorn Manitoba. It is a foster home-based rescue, which means that their adoptable animals are in the care of loving foster families who provide care in a home environment until forever homes are found.
  • Virden Pet Network a friendly, small town pet rescue and registered charity out of Virden, Manitoba. Their volunteers provide veterinary care, including mandatory spay / neuter, for pets in rescue. They are cared for in foster homes until their adoption into responsible, loving families. They also advocate in the community for spay / neuter, humane education, and compassion towards all animals.