Our in-house diagnostic laboratory enables us to perform a variety of routine diagnostic procedures such as blood tests, analysis of urine, fecal analysis, cytology (examining tissue samples) and heartworm testing.

The ability of our staff to perform these tests quickly and accurately in clinic enables us to provide a timely and accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition, and allows us to start appropriate treatment of that condition as quickly as possible. It also allows us to perform pre-anesthetic blood testing on your pet immediately prior to any needed surgical procedure, making both the procedure and the necessary anesthetic safer for your pet. In addition, we can perform wellness screening (recommended annually for any pet over seven years of age) which can lead to the detection of hidden health problems and allow for early treatment.

In some cases, it is necessary to enlist the help of outside laboratories or diagnostic specialists in order to properly diagnose your pet’s health problems.

We're accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association