My best friend Zoe passed away yesterday on April 11th surrounded by those who loved her best with the help of the wonderful Dr. Fisher, who called her Lovey. Zoe has been coming to the Brandon Hills Veterinary Clinic for her whole 15 years of life. She was feisty, yet friendly to a select few who made her cut. I had to spell certain words out in front of her because she knew the words ‘brush’, ‘treats’ and ‘outside’. I miss her bedtime snuggles. I miss her tiny baby cat meows. My apartment is empty without her, how she’d run to greet me when I came home, or if in deep sleep I’d call out, “Where’s my babycat?” and she’d come running. Zoe begrudgingly let me dress her up in costumes for Halloween and had a couple Santa hats. After taking a couple pictures I’d take them off and give her a lot of pets and brush her until she fell asleep purring. She had many pet names, such as babycat, meowface, fluffybum among others. I miss my fur baby. I’d have given her an organ if I could, for she’s the love of my life and I’m devastated.

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